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Log washers are very high energy units designed to disintegrate tough clay particles. With longer wash tubs they provide significantly increased retention time. Retention can further be increased by switching to straight paddle design and higher working angles. All MEKA Log washers are provided with spray bars to make a final rinse before the product leaves the wash box.


•    Breaks down toughest clays
Our log washer is here to revolutionize your log washing experience with its breakthrough technology that breaks down the toughest clays in no time. Say goodbye to hours of manual labor and hello to efficient log washing with our product.
•    Produces clean rock from waste
Don't let your waste pile up and take up valuable space. Our log washer is designed to transform your waste into clean rock, saving you time, money, and space.
•     Feed Size: Upto 100mm
With its powerful cleaning action, you can trust our log washer to remove all impurities and ensure that your logs are spotlessly clean.
•    HiCR Two Piece Blades for Maximum Wear Life
Not only do our HiCR Two Piece Blades provide maximum wear life, but they also offer efficient and effective cleaning performance.
•    Intermeshing blades provides maximum attrition
With their unique design and powerful cleaning action, our intermeshing blades ensure that all impurities are removed from your logs, leaving them spotlessly clean.


MLW 3630

MLW 4430

MLW 4435

DIAMETER x LENGTH (mm)DIAMETER x LENGTH (inchxfeet) 905x9000 36x30 1120x9000 44x30 1220x10500 44x35
Capacity (mtph) Capacity(stph) 50-125 55-138 75-175 83-193 75-175 83-193
Material (mm) Material (inch) 75 3 100 4 100 4
Power (kW) Power (HP) 90-110 125-150 110-160 150-200 160 200
Screw (rpm) Screw (rpm) 32 32 26 26 26 26
Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) 26407 58229 32275 71169 37150 81918
Water (m3/h) Water (gpm) 114 500 171 750 171 750
* For material weighing 1.6 t/m³ or 100 lbs/ft³.Capacity values are indicative only, crusher performance may vary depending on the feed gradation, feed moisture content, crushability of the material, crusher rpm, installed power and the crushing circuit design.  ** Weights shown do not include drive motor package, support legs, maintenance platform, inlet and outlet chutes.


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